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Clients deserve the best law firm in Lake Nona, FL., they can trust to take care of them from the beginning of their case to its conclusion. We know there is no distinction between fighting for your rights and fighting for justice.

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Lake Nona Region Law Firm, Lawyers & Attorneys

Our Lake Nona Region law firm services include:

The main purpose of personal injury law (also known as tort law) is to protect you and your property if they’re injured or harmed due to another person’s act or their omission. If it turns out that the case was successful, the person who caused the harm should compensate you for that harm.

After injuries, it can seem impossible to get back on track. Accidents can have a dramatic effect not just on your physical well-place but also on your mental health. Even minor injuries can have troubling consequences. They may lead to lost wages, mounting medical bills, and even increased stress in your personal life. We encourage you to consult with a Lake Nona Region Law Firm, Lawyers & Attorneys soon.

Personal injury law can be filled with legal jargon and hard-to-understand concepts, so it’s common for victims to leave those things up to an experienced legal team. But make sure you know your rights. Here at The Emanuel Firm, P.A., we have helped clients in the Lake Nona Region, FL area fight to protect their right to compensation.

Wrongful death law applies in a tort case when the defendant’s actions have resulted in a victim’s death. Leaving behind family members and dependents who will suffer due to this one person being gone so suddenly. The purpose of these laws is to provide relief for survivors, not the deceased victim.

The wrongful death of a loved one is one of the most difficult things anyone can go through. It’s hard to know where to turn, and it’s hard to know what options you have for seeking justice.

We understand how painful it is to lose a loved one under any circumstances. We can help you seek justice and closure for your life after a wrongful death by taking on the burden of our work and experiences on your behalf. You can rest easy knowing that we will do everything possible to make sure your loved one’s memory lives on forever.

The Emanuel Firm, P.A., is a top wrongful death lawyer in Lake Nona Region who will fight for you and ensure that your rights are protected.

There are many ways to be vulnerable, and the Lake Nona Region includes many nursing homes. The Emanuel Firm, P.A. is a passionate team of experienced nursing home abuse lawyers who believe you deserve the best treatment possible.

If you or someone you love has been abused or neglected during nursing home care, it’s imperative that you speak with an attorney as soon as possible. Start by calling The Emanuel Firm, P.A. at (407) 412-7376 today to discuss your legal options for seeking compensation for your suffering.

If you’re looking for a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Lake Nona that will fight on your behalf and help protect your interests, then the firm is here for you 24 hours a day to answer all of your questions.

When it comes to business litigation law, we safeguard and safeguard and safeguard. We make sure you get what you deserve and we win in court.

The Emanuel Firm, P.A., is a law firm with experience in business litigation for both for-profit and non-profit entities in the Lake Nona Region and surrounding areas. We also provide representation for business partners in the State of Florida.

Call us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable attorneys about your business litigation law needs. This way you can get the legal representation that you deserve.

Visit our business litigation page or call us today to get started by one of our Lake Nona Region Law Firm, Lawyers & Attorneys.

If you or a loved one has suffered a concussion, brain injury, or sports-related head trauma, our personal injury attorneys are here to help with your case.

The Emanuel Firm, P.A. is committed to helping those who have been injured as the result of someone else’s negligence. To that end, we’ve spent decades building expertise in personal injury law and traumatic brain injury (TBI) litigation.

Our Concussion and Brain Injury law firm brings years of experience to the table by representing injured individuals in the Lake Nona Region. The firm has litigated many local cases that have affirmed its reputation for being aggressive, zealous advocates for its clients’ rights during this difficult time in their lives, and won an immense number of judgments-including punitive damages-on behalf of its clients.

We also maintain an office with convenient business hours in Orlando’s Lake Nona Region. Whatever your needs might be, we’ll take the time to answer your questions and provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision.

Action: Contact us today at (407) 412-7376 for more information about our Lake Nona Region practice!


  • Wrong Medication Administered
  • Medical Objects Left in Body
  • Surgical Errors
  • Misdiagnose
  • Failure to Diagnose
  • Hospital Negligence
  • Anesthesia Errors


  • Failure to Treat
  • Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Bed Sores
  • Malnutrition & Dehydration
  • Abuse


  • Head-On Collisions
  • Texting While Driving
  • Drunk Driving Accidents
  • Multiple Vehicle Accidents
  • Tractor Trailer Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents

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Lake Nona Region is a trendy planned community made up of sleek family homes, bungalows, and leafy gated communities. The USTA National Campus, on the banks of Lake Nona, hosts major tennis events and offers lessons, while family-focused Nona Adventure Park has a floating obstacle course and wakeboarding. To the south, hip Boxi Park features food truck-style eateries, live music, and volleyball courts. ― Google Area: 16.99 mi² ZIP codes: 32827 & 32832Owner: Tavistock Group Area code(s): 321 & 407 & 689HotelsLake Nona Wave HotelMORE

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Cobalt Park Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Comic Alley,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Conifer Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Corkfield Avenue,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Davenham Point,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Dawson Lily Way,Orange, FLOrlando32832
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Deer Path Way,Orange, FLOrlando32832
De Haven Street,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Desilu Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Devonshire Road,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Dowden Road,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Dry Creek Lane,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Dufferin Lane,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Dwell Court,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Eagle Creek Center Boulevard,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Eagle Creek Sanctuary Boulevard,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Eastpark Lake Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Eastpark Woods Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Eclipse Lily Way,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Eliotti Street,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Ellison Avenue,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Emerson Lake Boulevard,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Epic Avenue,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Falcon Moss Lane,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Falcon Parc Boulevard,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Fernway Road,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Fiction Avenue,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Flat Rock Lane,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Flo Road,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Flowering Cottonwood Road,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Fresno Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Fullerwood Avenue,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Gamemaster Avenue,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Garden Lily Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Gawsworth Point,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Ginsberg Place,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Glazebury Street,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Goostry Point,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Granite Bay Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Gran Paradiso Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Gray Birch Circle,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Great Commission Way,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Green Ivy Lane,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Grey Moss Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Halkyn Point,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Hart Branch Circle,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Hatherton Circle,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Hatton Circle,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Helsby Street,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Henbury Street,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Henson Road,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Heron Pointe Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Heswall Run,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Hickory Tree Court,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Hidden Dunes Lane,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Hildreth Avenue,Orange, FLOrlando32832
History Avenue,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Hunters Mill Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Ians Ridge Road,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Icp Boulevard,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Indigo Bay Circle,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Iverson Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Jasmine Flower Lane,Orange, FLOrlando32832
John Wycliffe Boulevard,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Kelsall Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Kerouac Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Kirby Smith Road,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Kristen Park Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Lacebark Pine Road,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Lago Bella Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Lake District Lane,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Lake Hart Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Lake Mary Jane Road,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Lamont Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Langefield Street,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Loblolly Woods Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Long Bay Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Longleaf Woods Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Lott Avenue,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Lovegrass Lane,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Lovett Avenue,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Macaris Street,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Magnolia Woods Boulevard,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Mallard Landings Way,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Malpas Point,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Malverns Loop,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Maple Hill Court,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Marine Court,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Marine Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Marsh Oaks Court,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Marsh Pine Circle,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Marsh Pointe Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Mastwood Way,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Mere Parkways,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Middlewich Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Millington Street,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Minshull Point,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Mobberley Circle,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Monterey Bay Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Moss Park Ridge Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Moss Park Road,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Moss Rose Way,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Mossy Oak Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Mottram Point,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Mountain Lake Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Myrtle Creek Lane,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Myrtlewood Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Mystery Lane,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Mythology Street,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Narcoossee Road,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Nell Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Nonacrest Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
North Shore Golf Club Boulevard,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Oak Commons Way,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Oak Fern Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Oak Moss Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Oak Quarry Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Oakwood Cove Lane,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Old Cypress Court,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Old Marsh Court,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Old Patina Way,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Osprey Landing Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Oulton Circle,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Pacific Pines Court,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Painte Creek Court,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Palmetto Dunes Court,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Park Commons Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Parker Road,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Park Row Court,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Pecan Hickory Way,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Penney Way,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Philosophy Way,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Pinecone Road,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Plarells Road,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Platts Avenue,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Poetry Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Portofino Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Prestbury Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Rambling Oak Boulevard,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Randal Park Boulevard,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Redbud Woods Lane,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Red Hawk Court,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Red Pine Court,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Renwick Court,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Ribault Avenue,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Roberts Island Road,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Romiley Court,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Roxane Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Rushtone Court,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Rustic Ridge Court,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Sabal Pine Way,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Sanctuary Approach Road,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Sanctuary Club Road,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Sanctuary Cove Lane,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Sanctuary Creek Way,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Sanctuary Crossing Road,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Sanctuary Ridge Way,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Sanctuary Square Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Sanctuary Terrace Lane,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Sanctuary View Trail,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Sanctuary Vista Avenue,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Sandwood Way,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Sandy Marsh Lane,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Savannah Ainsley Lane,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Savannah Grove Lane,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Savannah Julip Lane,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Savannah Landing Circle,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Savannah Magnolia Lane,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Savannah Park Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Savannah Plantation Court,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Savannah Wood Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Scagel Street,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Scotch Pine Court,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Scottish Pines Court,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Secret Cove Lane,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Serotina Court,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Shadow Creek Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Shady Oak Street,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Shallow Marsh Court,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Sheba Road,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Short Story Street,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Siddington Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Sidley Lane,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Silver Buttonwood Street,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Silver Laurel Way,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Smokerise Court,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Sonnet Avenue,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Sparrow Landing Way,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Spider Lily Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Split Bark Court,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Spring Stone Court,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Sproston Point,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Stagbury Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Stanthorne Avenue,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Stapeley Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Stein Street,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Stonebury Way,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Stonehollow Court,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Storey Park Boulevard,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Storys Ford Road,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Story Time Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Stratford Pointe Avenue,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Strongbark Lane,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Sunset Ridge Lane,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Sunstone Avenue,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Swanley Street,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Sweet Maple Avenue,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Sycamore Woods Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Taeda Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Tallfield Avenue,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Tarvin Street,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Tawnyberry Street,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Tibbett Street,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Tilston Point,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Tindall Road,Orange, FLOrlando32832
T M Ranch Road,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Town Lake Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Translation Way,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Transport Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Treetop Court,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Turtle Bay Court,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Turtle Landings Court,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Tyson Road,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Vedder Lane,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Walnut Crest Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Warlow Creek Street,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Weatherford Way,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Wewahootee Road,Orange, FLOrlando32832
William Carey Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Wilmslow Court,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Winding Marsh Trail,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Winding Woods Lane,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Winnington Street,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Winterset Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Wittenberg Way,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Woodford Street,Orange, FLOrlando32832
Yellow Tiger Lily Drive,Orange, FLOrlando32832
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